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Does arishta nema in “Svasti na pooshaah vishva vedaah, svasti na antarikshyo arishta nemi” stands… by Yatendra Singh https://www.quora.com/Does-arishta-nema-in-Svasti-na-pooshaah-vishva-vedaah-svasti-na-antarikshyo-arishta-nemi-stands-for-Lord-Neminath-22nd-tirthankara-of-Jainism/answer/Yatendra-Singh-44?share=6522f9f9&srid=umhLv

Yatendra Singh shared an answer on Quora with you

What is the justification of chanting vedic (or any) slokas or mantras without understanding their… by Yatendra Singh https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-justification-of-chanting-vedic-or-any-slokas-or-mantras-without-understanding-their-meaning/answer/Yatendra-Singh-44?share=debd510e&srid=umhLv


After starting the journey to explore India, the biggest problem I seen is people asking a question what you are going to get out of this, whats the benefits and so on?

Unable to sleep from multiple nights thoughts coming like bang a big bang questions hitting me very hard where I am heading towards, to whom I am going to meet in this journey, is it going to be fun and ease to reach people or places at this moment the answer to all this is “No Idea”.

No Idea, and I mean it that I really don’t have any idea.

One of my team member asked me if you don’t have any idea then how you are going to lead?

Answer to this is a noble cause to find truth about India a mother land which always given us without demanding back anything, so we have to return back…

I don’t know how much you agree but yes this is what I am looking forward for to earn a respect for our culture and country.