Second lost city of Delhi


Today we are talking about the lost city of Delhi which is now only a ruins. This is Lal kot and then converted into Quila Rai Pithora.



Ravan Birth Place

Ravan is said to be born in small village Bisrakh this village is situated in near Ghaziabad. He spent his childhood in this village that founded by his father Bisesvara.


He was a devotee of LORD SHIVA and was so powerful that even the 9 planets called Navagrahas were overpowered by him and rendered inactive.The story goes that he was in the kingdom of the Lord but was cursed to take birth in the world and get killed in the hands of the Lord to attain salvation.


The Ravan is so powerful and he controlled 32 corers of able-bodied demons, this is clear in his own words.

दश राक्षस कोट्यः च द्वाविंशतिः अथ अपराः |

वर्जयित्वा जरा वृद्धान् बालान् च रजनीचरान् || ३-५५-१४

तेषाम् प्रभुः अहम् सीते सर्वेषाम् भीम कर्मणाम् |

Coming back to village Bisrakh it is mentioned by many villagers that till date they don’t celebrate Dussehra and it is also banned to have rope dancers (नट) in the village.

We to find out what is the behind the story told by villagers and come to know one strange thing that it is true that whenever villages tried to have Dussehra or rope dances in the village there are mishappening happened in the village and due to this reason they stopped celebrating the occasion.

Some other lesser know facts about Ravan:

  1. Ravan is great Veena player.
  2. Ravan was a great poet he created Shiv Tandav Stotram.
  3. Ravan was a great Ayurvedic physician and with their Shiromani. he wrote valuable book Nadi Pariksha,  Arka  Shastra and kaumarya tantra.
  4. Ravan also wrote Ravan Samhita a book that is considered the Holy Grail of Hindu astrology.



After starting the journey to explore India, the biggest problem I seen is people asking a question what you are going to get out of this, whats the benefits and so on?

Unable to sleep from multiple nights thoughts coming like bang a big bang questions hitting me very hard where I am heading towards, to whom I am going to meet in this journey, is it going to be fun and ease to reach people or places at this moment the answer to all this is “No Idea”.

No Idea, and I mean it that I really don’t have any idea.

One of my team member asked me if you don’t have any idea then how you are going to lead?

Answer to this is a noble cause to find truth about India a mother land which always given us without demanding back anything, so we have to return back…

I don’t know how much you agree but yes this is what I am looking forward for to earn a respect for our culture and country.



We often thought who am I and like any other person first thought come to mind is that I am human being.

But the moment we thought that we are human we start thinking about our roots, our culture and so on.

I am thinking about this from very young age and want to know more and more about roots. I seeks the answers in books and elders but never find the solution.

The thirst for the answer make me think something big and different and the very basic results inspire me to create a medium between world and myself.

So I created this blog in which we will take you to the journey of past with movies, photos and food.

Please support us in  achieving the target and take you all to the roots.

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